I Tested the Magnum Detox Drink Against a Drug Test: Here Are the Results

Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller, Ph.D Pharmacology, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on 2024 Jun 9

Magnum Detox 1 Hour System Cleaner comes in two sizes: a 16oz drink for individuals up to 180 lbs, and a 32oz drink for those up to 320 lbs.

It’s marketed for detox purposes; however, its primary use is to cleanse urine for drug tests. This is why many choose these specific drinks.

I decided to put the 32oz drink to the test, given that I am a heavy user and often, larger quantities are recommended for people like me.

The product claims to start working within an hour. Yet, the official website does not specify how long the effects last. It is commonly said that optimal results occur 3-4 hours after consumption.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for me—the drink failed to pass the drug test.

Here, I’ll cover this quickly and share my detailed review of using this product.

magnum detox review

Personal Use Experience

I’m 6 feet tall, weigh 187 lbs, and have about 22% body fat. Physically fit, I engage in roughly an hour of cardio training each day.

I’m also an edible consumer, typically consuming less than 5mg up to five nights a week for the past ten months.

In short, I’m a regular user with good shape and a fast metabolism.

As usual, I stopped taking edibles three days before this test.

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit
  • Cleanses your system in just 60 minutes
  • Effective for up to 5 hours
  • Undetectable by labs
  • Legal
  • Money-back guarantee

I chose the blueberry-flavored version of the Magnum Detox 32oz drink.

The website didn’t offer detailed instructions, so I followed the common approach for such products: drink it, then drink an equal amount of water. It took me 15 minutes to finish the drink. The flavor was neither bad nor particularly good, with a slight chemical taste.

After waiting 15 minutes, I refilled the bottle and spent another 20 minutes drinking it. I urinated twice and about an hour later, I started to test myself.

how to read drugg test results

The initial urine color was pale but soon turned yellow, which is expected as these drinks contain vitamin B, known to color the urine.

Unfortunately, as you can see, I tested positive each hour, indicating that the drink did not work for me.

How does it work?

The drink contains diuretics, which increase urine frequency, helping flush drug metabolites from the bladder.

It impacts drug metabolism in the liver by slowing the process, meaning drugs aren’t transferred from the blood into the urine as quickly. It also slows the breakdown of body fat, which keeps fat-soluble marijuana metabolites from being released into the blood.

As a result, fewer marijuana metabolites end up in the urine temporarily, potentially dropping the concentration of detectable marijuana metabolites below the detectable level.

Additionally, it helps restore the natural composition of the urine, so during a drug test, the urine can pass the validity check and not appear diluted.

Does Magnum Detox Work?

To evaluate whether Magnum Detox is effective, let’s analyze its ingredients in the context of same-day cleansing protocols.

  1. Water:
    • Hydration and urine dilution are key. Water can temporarily lower the concentration of drug metabolites in the urine.
  2. High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sugars:
    • These ingredients provide energy and help prevent the breakdown of fat, thus reducing the release of stored THC into the bloodstream.
  3. Creatine Monohydrate:
    • Important for maintaining creatinine levels in urine, ensuring the sample doesn’t appear diluted.
  4. Vitamins (C, B-Complex, etc.):
    • B-vitamins aid in maintaining urine color.
    • Vitamin C can act as a diuretic to increase urine output.
  5. Electrolytes (Sodium Benzoate, Potassium):
    • Crucial for maintaining electrolyte balance, which is sometimes checked in a urine test. They help restore specific gravity.
  6. Citric Acid:
    • May slightly alter urine pH but doesn’t have a significant detox effect.
  7. Natural and Artificial Flavors, Colors:
    • These ingredients improve taste and appearance but have no role in cleansing.
  8. Xanthan Gum:
    • Used as a thickener and stabilizer; does not aid in detox.
  9. Preservatives (Ascorbic Acid, Sodium Benzoate):
    • Ascorbic acid has antioxidant properties and may assist in urine dilution.
    • Sodium benzoate is a preservative with no detox effect.

The Good:

  • Contains most ingredients needed for successful same-day cleansing for a drug test.
  • Includes carbohydrates to prevent the release of THC from fat cells.
  • Contains electrolytes to restore specific gravity and vitamins to restore urine color.
  • Creatine is present to maintain creatinine levels.

The Bad:

  • Lacks ingredients that significantly increase urine output; however, this can be achieved by drinking water during the cleansing process.
  • Does not contain components to slow liver metabolism, meaning the liver will still process drug metabolites from the blood and excrete them into the urine.
  • Absence of fiber, so drug metabolites from the intestines may be reabsorbed into the blood and end up in the urine.


Alright, let’s make sense of the instructions for Magnum Detox 16 Oz 1 Hour System Cleanser™ as provided on their official website.

The directions, though a bit vague, emphasize the importance of avoiding toxins and staying hydrated. Here’s a breakdown:

It’s crucial to avoid toxins for at least 48 hours prior to using the drink. This means steering clear of any substances that could affect the detox process.

Drinking plenty of water is key. Again, avoid toxins for at least 48 hours before consuming the product.

Avoid caffeine, fruit juices, pickle juice, vinegar, or dairy products.

Steer clear of over-the-counter or unnecessary medications and alcohol.

Urinating often on the day of intensive cleansing is essential to expel toxins from your system.

Fast Marijuana Detox Kit
  • Cleanses your system in just 60 minutes
  • Effective for up to 5 hours
  • Undetectable by labs
  • Legal
  • Money-back guarantee


When should I take Magnum Detox?

Magnum Detox should be taken on the day you need to cleanse your system. Use it about 1 hour before the time you intend to be toxin-free for optimal results.

How do you use Magnum Detox?

For best results, consume the entire 32 oz bottle of Magnum Detox one hour before you need to be cleansed. Make sure to urinate frequently afterwards as this helps to expel toxins from the body.

Can I refrigerate Magnum Detox?

Yes, you can refrigerate Magnum Detox. Cooling it may make the drink more palatable if you prefer cold beverages, although it is not necessary for the effectiveness of the product.

Is it better to drink detox in the morning or at night?

It is recommended to drink Magnum Detox about 1 hour before you need to achieve a cleansed state. Whether morning or night, choose a time that aligns best with your cleansing goals.

Should I drink Magnum Detox on an empty stomach?

Drinking Magnum Detox on an empty stomach can enhance its effectiveness. An empty stomach allows quicker absorption and can help the detox process work more efficiently.

How many times should you urinate when detoxing?

You should urinate frequently during your cleansing period with Magnum Detox. This helps to expel the toxins more effectively from your body.

How often should I drink Magnum Detox?

Use Magnum Detox only as needed for detoxification purposes and not as a regular supplement. Consult with a health professional if you find yourself needing to use it frequently.

How long does Magnum Detox last?

The effects of Magnum Detox last for about 5 hours consumption, which is the optimal window to achieve maximum cleansing.

When should I take Magnum Detox for a drug screen?

Take Magnum Detox about 1 hour before your drug screening for optimal detoxification results. Make sure to follow the usage guidelines closely.

How long does it take to urinate after taking Magnum Detox?

After consuming Magnum Detox, you should start urinating frequently within the first hour. This helps to facilitate the removal of toxins from your body.