The Urinator Review: Does it Work for a Drug Test?

Daniel Miller
Daniel Miller, Ph.D Pharmacology, Drug Testing Specialist

Last updated on 2024 Jun 15

The Urinator is an electric device designed to warm urine, like battery powered Whizzinator alternative. It helps maintain the urine at a specific temperature, which is necessary when submitting a sample for testing.

However, I don’t recommend using it for drug testing due to significant drawbacks that make it challenging and unsafe. On the other hand, it has uses in other scenarios, such as erotic play.

I’ll review its pros and cons and discuss more reliable alternatives and will explain how to use it correctly and compare it with popular alternatives like the Whizzinator and the Incognito Belt.

What is the Urinator?

Imagine you are using synthetic or a friend’s urine to pass a drug test. You have done everything correctly: you obtained clean urine, attached a heat pad to it, and concealed the bottle in your groin area. You entered the testing bathroom unnoticed, feeling a bit nervous but confident.

Your hands shake slightly as you pour the clean urine into the testing cup, hide the bottle again, and hand over the cup to the drug test collector.

You feel relieved because everything went as planned and you believe you’ve definitely passed the test. But then, the collector checks the urine’s temperature, finds it below normal, and this raises a red flag.

A temperature below normal alerts the collector to possible cheating.

Now, he asks you to submit another sample under direct observation, meaning he will watch as you urinate. This puts you in a difficult position. If you produce urine that will fail the test, and if you refuse, it will be reported and deemed a failure.

This could mean rejection from a potential job or termination if it’s an employment-related test.

The Urinator was designed to automatically keep the urine warm enough for a drug test.

While the idea is good, the execution is flawed and impractical for drug testing. Let’s explore its pros and cons in detail.

Pros and cons

The Urinator is a refillable urine bag. It comes with two pre-mixed synthetic urine samples, enough for two uses. It includes a syringe, allowing you to refill the bag multiple times with synthetic urine or someone else’s clean urine.

Theoretically, you could use it indefinitely. Additionally, it includes two temperature strips for convenient temperature monitoring, although this seems unnecessary since there is already a liquid crystal thermometer attached to the bag.

The Urinator features an electric heating device and a temperature controller.

These automatic controls were supposed to set it apart from other synthetic urine products, but they don’t quite succeed.

First, this device requires two 9V batteries, adding about $7 to the cost for each use since you need a new set of batteries each time.

The batteries also make the device bulky. Furthermore, it comes with a thermal insulating mini-blanket to cover the device in multiple layers, which adds to the bulk and makes it hard to conceal.

It lacks a stealth belt, so the only hiding place is in your underwear, creating a noticeable bulge.

Imagine this scenario: Before a drug test, you’ll need to empty your pockets to ensure you aren’t carrying anything to cheat the test.

You’ll also have to remove jackets and other extra clothing. Trust me, the collectors know all the tricks and will definitely notice a large lump in your pants, leading them to supervise your sample submission directly.

Another factor to consider is the price. It costs $170, and for that price, you get a bulky item that’s hard to hide and questionable in its effectiveness. Plus, you’ll spend an additional $7 on batteries each time you use it.

Manufacturer website considerations

I also checked the website selling the Urinator, and it looks quite unprofessional.

The site is full of grammatical mistakes and uses aggressive language like “idiot,” “moron,” and “blow your balls off,” which does not inspire confidence. The design is outdated and untrustworthy.

Even the video instructions are from 2004, adding to the concerns.

In summary, both the product and its official website appear unreliable, and I do not recommend purchasing or using this device for a drug test. Consider more reliable and safe alternatives instead.

Instructions: How to pass a urine drug test with the Urinator

1. Start by using the provided syringe to fill the Urinator’s bag with about 75 to 85 ml of warm water for a test run. If you’re doing an actual test, use warm, clean urine instead.
2. Remove as much air as possible from the bag and securely screw the cap back on the tube. Leaving air in the bag can interfere with heating the urine effectively.
3. Attach the two 9-volt batteries—make sure to use only Duracell brand—then fold the insulating fabric blanket closed and fasten it with the Velcro.
4. Check the liquid crystal temperature indicator on the bag. Once it reads between 98 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re ready to submit your sample.

Urinator vs Incognito Belt

incognito belt in a box

The Incognito Belt is a stealth device that features premixed synthetic urine. It discreetly fits around your waist, unlike the Urinator, which must be hidden in your underwear and is quite bulky.

The Urinator has an electronic heating element, which theoretically should reliably keep the urine at the necessary temperature. However, the unprofessional appearance of the manufacturer’s website raises doubts about the quality of the device.

Concerns include potential leaks from the urine bag, which could sabotage your attempt to pass a drug test. Although the makers claim that all elements are sealed to prevent short-circuiting, the overall sloppy presentation on their site makes me skeptical.

Therefore, the Incognito Belt, with its heat pads, seems safer and more reliable.

The Urinator is reusable, which allows for multiple uses with new clean urine. It also includes two premixed urine vials, enough for two uses. However, given the concerns mentioned, this may not be a significant advantage. The Incognito Belt also provides urine for two uses, but then you must purchase a new belt.

The Urinator costs $170 and requires separate battery purchases, while the Incognito Belt is priced at $130.

I definitely recommend the Incognito Belt as a safer, more reliable, and less expensive option.

Urinator vs Whizzinator


The Whizzinator includes a prosthetic and is a synthetic urine device. Each kit comes with a 100% cotton elastic belt, two leg straps, a color choice prosthetic, a vinyl medical-grade pouch, four organic heating pads, a 60ml syringe, and a synthetic urine kit.

A key difference is that the Urinator does not include a prosthetic. While the Urinator can be used by both males and females, the Whizzinator is designed only for males. A prosthetic isn’t necessary unless you are observed during the drug test. However, if the test is directly observed and you need to lower your pants, the Whizzinator will be visible, making it an impractical choice.

Whizzinator uses heating pads that can sometimes fail and complicate maintaining the required temperature. On the other hand, the Urinator uses an electric warmer, which simplifies keeping the urine warm. Yet, there are serious doubts about its safety and build quality, including concerns about spillage and electrical safety.

The Urinator comes with enough synthetic urine for two uses, while the Whizzinator includes only one vial.

The Urinator might seem like a better alternative than the Whizzinator. However, considering safety and other concerns, I still recommend the Incognito Belt.


The Urinator was supposed to be an excellent solution for passing drug tests by automatically controlling urine temperature. The concept of electric temperature control is innovative, but its execution is flawed—it’s bulky, not discreet, and poses risks like potential urine spillage or electrical issues.

Therefore, I cannot recommend the Urinator. Perhaps future versions will improve, but for now, the Incognito Belt remains the best choice for a stealthy and reliable way to pass a drug test.